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For women who refuse to be silenced.

4 creamy matte, long lasting lipsticks.

For centuries, women have faced adversity in many forms; our privileges have been challenged, our voices silenced.

But for some, silence has never been an option. Our mouths were made for talking, and ALIAS was made for women who have the confidence to speak up. 

Made of a long lasting, creamy matte formula, the ALIAS collection consists of four lipsticks, each named after a woman who achieved great things under the guise of a man.

Through bold, feminine shades that blend strength with beauty, ALIAS tells the stories of Ned, Currer, Franklin, and William; women who challenged the status quo with intelligence and strength.



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Lipstick for the modern day Goddess.

7 semi-matte moisturising lipsticks.

Named after ancient Goddesses who were strong,
powerful, confident icons. From deep reds to
creamy nudes, there’s a colour for every occasion,
and every occasion calls for lipstick.

History tells us that these Goddesses gave people
strength and faith when they needed it. This is what
Lou Lou Lips wants to be for women, a symbol of
strength, hope, and confidence, helping them get
through every day with a little help from lipstick.


From our ALIAS range

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