Goddess Spotlight with Georgia Retallick - Founder of The Y-House Foundation

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At age 18, Georgia Retallick started The Y-House Foundation in 2010 after seeing a TV interview with a young girl named Angela Barker. At age 16 Angela was the victim of a violent attack from an ex-boyfriend that left her with an acquired brain injury. Due to a lack of care and rehabilitation options Angela was forced to live in aged care.

The most concerning idea of young people being in nursing homes is the rate of deterioration that they face in such an unstimulating environment. After initial research it became clear to Georgia that there was a gap in the system. It appeared that young people suffering from traumatic brain and spinal injuries as well as early-onset degenerative diseases were not only unsupported in their rehabilitation and recovery, but forced to live in aged care facilities and nursing homes due to a lack of age appropriate care options.

The Y-House Foundation is committed to providing accommodation, care and rehabilitation options for young people with serious brain and spinal injuries and degenerative diseases. Their focus is on providing appropriate and stimulating environments for these young people to live and recover in.

The main project that the organisation is currently working on is the delivery of their very first Y-House.

Georgia speaking at the 2015 Y-House Ball.

Georgia speaking at the 2015 Y-House Ball.

Here at Lou Lou Lips we're huge fans of Georgia and the team and everything they have achieved with Y-House so we couldn't wait to ask this inspiring woman some questions about her journey so far.

Hey Georgia, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for our Goddess spotlight!

I am a huge fan of Y-House and the amazing things you have worked to achieve over the years to make such a difference for such an important cause!

Tell us a little bit about the Y-house Foundation and why you started.

Well I started Y-House back in 2010 when I learned about young people living in nursing homes. It was a real shock to me that people as young as 16 with brain and spinal injuries and the early onset of degenerative diseases were living in facilities set up for the elderly.

After I got over the initial shock, the whole issue just made me mad and I decided I couldn’t ignore it, so I thought I’d try to help! I started The Y-House Foundation Inc., an organisation aimed at supporting young people at risk of living in aged care. We’re planning to build a transitional rehabilitation centre in Melbourne to support young people transitioning home or out into the community post an injury or diagnosis.


Favourite movie?

Notting Hill – 100% And I am not joking I have probably seen it over 100 times!

Red wine or white?

Always white!

Morning person or night person?

I am definitely a night person. I am most productive around that 9pm-1am time frame – that’s when the creativity flows! I’d much rather stay up till like 3am working on something than get up early to do it!

If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

LONDON! I love London and everything about it! But it is winter in London at the moment, so maybe somewhere warmer – I’m desperate to go to the Maldives

Georgia and the Y-House committee

Georgia and the Y-House committee

Where and how do you work best?

I work best sitting in bed with my laptop at 11pm. Because Y-house is totally volunteer run, most of our volunteers have full time jobs, including me. So it’s not unusual to get an email from me at 2am, what is unusual is a response from anyone at 2am.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Don’t let other people’s negativity hold you back, let it fuel you further. This has become my mantra. The more people tell me I can’t do something or what I’m doing won't work – the harder I push to prove them wrong.

Favourite quote?

“Be the change you want to see in the world” Gandhi. I’ve always loved this quote and it’s how I try and live my life. I don’t feel like I have the right to complain about something unless I’m actively trying to fix it or make a change – that’s certainly what lead to me starting Y-House.

Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most? Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing now?

When it comes to Y-House, my biggest inspiration is the people I meet and the amazing stories that they have to tell. Angela Barker was the inspiration behind starting Y-House. She was 16 when she was forced to live in aged care due to a brain injury. Her courage and humour has always inspired me to keep going with Y-House and now I’m also lucky to call her my friend.

Georgia with Angela Barker and Edwina Bartholomew.

Georgia with Angela Barker and Edwina Bartholomew.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

There have been so many! I think the very first challenge I faced was proving that I was serious about helping young people and was committed to the cause. It kind of felt like people thought I was just going to get bored and move on, but with each year that I stuck around and continued emailing people and knocking on doors finally I started to earn some of that trust. I think it was the whole ‘actions speak louder than words’ principle that I needed to prove!

What’s your best advice for handling criticism?

The first step is accepting that other people might be able to see things differently, or see things you can’t see, because you’re so close. I think handling criticism when you’re as close to something as I am to Y-House is so hard, because it’s like your child – and you feel like no one should be criticising your child! But constructive criticism can be beyond useful! Recently I received some constructive criticism that was really hard to swallow at first, but now that I’ve taken the time to think about it and digest it, I think is really going to change the way I work for the better.

Plans for the Y-House (Front view)

Plans for the Y-House (Front view)

What’s next for you and Y-House?

I am so excited for 2018!!! As a team, we’ve recently been reflecting on our goals and values and have taken some time to restate our objectives, which has been really satisfying. In the new year we’re looking forward to launching some exciting new services and programs and sharing the stories of the people that inspire our work. I feel like it’s going to be a big year!

If a young girl or boy walked up to you asking for your advice on life, what would it be?

Take life by the horns, don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something or a dream is too big! Try everything and see what works for you. The older I get the more I realise just how lucky I am to be here and to be doing something I love. It’s the simple things.

Georgia with her 2014 Women's Weekly "Women of the future" finalist nomination.

Georgia with her 2014 Women's Weekly "Women of the future" finalist nomination.

For us, lipstick is something, which gives us that extra boost of confidence, what gives you confidence to take on each and every day?

For me, it’s knowledge that gives me confidence! Someone told me the other day that they thought I was a great public speaker – which was weird because as a teenager I was terrified of public speaking, like can’t sleep for a week terrified. But I’ve realised that the more I know and learn about, the more confident I am everyday.

That and my power pantsuit. I’ll never be more confident than in my blue power pantsuit haha.

You can find out more about Georgia and The Y-House Foundation here

Goddess Spotlight with Kate Nixon - Founder of Kat The Label.


Hey Kate, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for our Goddess spotlight!

 I am a huge fan of Kat The Label and I have loved seeing the brand grow over the years!

 Tell us a little bit about Kat and why you started.

I first discovered sewing and fashion when I was about 15 - I was a tiny kid so none of my clothes would ever fit properly. I started altering a lot of my clothes with this toy sewing machine and eventually moved onto sewing things from scratch. Once I got to university I was studying journalism and realised that nope, fashion is where my passion is so I switched courses and studied fashion design and tech at RMIT.

After studying lingerie at RMIT I was a little lost in what I wanted to do for my career, and was tinkering around on my sewing machine as usual and made a pretty little lace bralette (the Serendipity bralette that is my biggest seller today!). I’d put photos on Instagram and share my creations with friends, and that’s when random people would start to follow me and request to purchase. And it all really happened so organically through there.

Favourite movie?

At the moment, it’s the Intern with Anne Hathaway (I am probably trying to live through it a little haha)

Red wine or white?


Morning person or night person?

You know I don’t even think I am either. But I do like to make the most of the day so I’ll say morning!

If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

The Greek islands or Mexico! Somewhere I can lie on a beach and hide from social media for a little while.

Where and how do you work best?

I work best in my new HQ- a small converted red brick warehouse in Moorabbin. I was in the home office the last 2 years so its so nice to be able to finally stretch out in a warehouse.

Kate at the new Kat HQ

Kate at the new Kat HQ

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

The best advice I’ve received even though it sounds cliché is slow and steady wins the race. Keep persistent, even on the hard days.

Favourite quote?

I would say that ‘a year from now you’ll wish you started’ which stops me procrastinating.

Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most? Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing now?

I was so so inspired by Sophia Amoruso the founder of Girl Boss empire and Nasty Gal

Its great to see that these successful people who’ve built businesses or changed the world are normal, regular people who just don’t give up. These early start up days of mine are so relatable to what Sophia has written about so it's comforting to know that everyone makes mistakes or has no idea what they are doing, or has to eat noodles for a week.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Biggest challenge so far would be managing the digital marketing side of the business. Everything grew so organically that I didn’t bother investing in paid advertising early enough, and am finding it hard to keep up now. Facebook ads will be the death of me.

What’s your best advice for handling criticism?

I try to just shrug it off- either people are jealous or have just had a shit day. We often get internet trolls on Instagram comments but I always keep an open floor so if anyone has an issues I just explain we are a small business there is only so much I can manage at this stage (or I just block the idiots).

What’s next for you and Kat The Label?

I am hoping to expand my wholesale presence the next 6 months, and put some effort into the US. I’d also love to move into other categories like sleepwear or swim, but think that might be a little down the track.

If a young girl or boy walked up to you asking for your advice on life, what would it be?

Work hard on what you love. I was a super average student, but I’d come home and sew all night. Then that weekend I’d turn up to an event in a new dress I’d made. If you have a passion, pursue it in your own time, not just when you’re getting paid or at school.

For us, lipstick is something which gives us that extra boost of confidence, what gives you confidence to take on each and every day?

I actually love wearing my Lou Lou Lips for a little extra confidence! Working alone and from home a lot, its so refreshing to add a little lippy and take on the days challenges, makes you sit up a little straighter!

My favourite of the Goddess range would have to be Dea Dia, but I can’t go past Victoria!

Find out more about Kate The Label by visiting their website and their Instagram


Goddess Spotlight with Angie Greene, CEO of Stand Up Events

Stand up logo.png
Angie at the Arias where she accepted Sia's award on behalf of Marriage Equality Australia

Angie at the Arias where she accepted Sia's award on behalf of Marriage Equality Australia

Stand Up Events was founded by Angie Greene in response to the inequality that exists in Australian sport.

Exposed to elite sporting culture from birth, Angie’s grandfather, Frank Sedgman was a Grand Slam tennis champion, her father Russell Greene is a Hawthorn Football Club Hall of Fame member, and her brother, Steven, played for the Hawthorn Football Club for 5 years.

Angie’s second brother, Brent was equally as talented in sports but as a gay man felt out of place in team sporting cultures. The experience and the discrimination Brent experienced drove Angie to create Stand Up Events.

In addition to challenging sexual and gender discrimination in Australian sport, Angie hopes Stand Up will hasten change in any environment where people feel marginalised.

Hey Angie, thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions for our Goddess Spotlight.

As you know I am a huge fan of Stand Up Events and everything you do for equality. Let's start off with some light questions...

Favorite movie?

Literally can not decide.  I love everything from Horrors and psychological thrillers - to Rom Coms! As long as there is popcorn, I’m good!

Red wine or white?


Morning or night person?

Night! However, I AM trying to be more of a morning person, purely based on being more productive thought-out the day.

If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would it be?

New Orleans. I have been there once and it is the one place that I am absolutely desperate to go back to.  It is nothing short of magic.

Where and how do you work best?

I work best is being surrounded by honest, creative and authentic people, who are genuinely interested in the end goal.  It does not matter where it is.  As long as I am around people who are trust-worthy, passionate and supportive, this is where I am the most productive.

Angie with brother Brent and father Russell

Angie with brother Brent and father Russell

Whats the best piece of advice you have received?

Someone once told me that people will constantly try and bring me down but it is only up to me if I let them.  This has helped me in so many situations, as it reminds me that I am in control of whether I let criticism negativity affect me.  It is not always easy to live by, but I do my best.

Favorite quote

I have a few!!

“No one knows what they’re doing either” - Ricky Gervais

"We must all face the choice between what is right, and what is easy." — Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

“Not all those who wander are lost” - Lord of the Rings.

Who are your biggest Influencers? Who do you admire most? Who or what inspired you to do what you are doing now?

My biggest influencers are people who I call “reverse role models”.  These people (who will of course remain nameless) have gotten to high places and have done so in not the most authentic or ethical way.  I will never, ever want to work that way.  I don’t believe that by gaining success, you have to step on other people or have hidden agendas.  I have seen people work this way and they inspire me to do the complete opposite.

Who inspired me to do what I do is my family, and society in general.  I grew up with family and friends around me who have been treated differently simply for being who they are. I have never understood a lot of humanity, nor will I ever.  I would like to play some small part in making a difference and to show people that regardless of our sexuality and/or gender, that we are all PEOPLE.  People who deserve the same respect, rights, equality and inclusion as everyone else.  And not to just be “accepted” but to all be embraced for exactly who we are.

In terms of who I most admire - I just can’t go past Gaga and Queen B.

» Growing up, I witnessed two very
different journeys of two equally
talented men due to their differing
sexual orientations. Watching these
two different journeys caused me
heartache, frustration, and fueled my
desire and passion to create change. «

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

One of my biggest personal challenges (and one that I was not expecting) has actually been my sexuality.  I came into what I do because I believe in it and I believe in people. From the very start, I have had people questioning Why?

Why am I doing this? Why is a straight person running a Charity about fighting homophobia? What is my agenda? People told me that I had no right to do what I am doing and that I did not belong in this “space”.  This is a constant thing I have been confronted with.

My response has always been the same.  I have never seen myself as a straight person fighting for non-hetero and gender diverse rights.  I see myself as a human being who wants to see equality for all people.

There are challenges every single day. I don’t think anyone would come into any areas of social change being ignorant to that fact.  At times it can get really hard but I am very quick to remind myself of WHY I am doing this and what the bigger picture is.  When I do that, my personal challenges go out the window, as it was and always has been about the bigger picture and the end goal.

Angie accepting Sia's Aria award for best female artist on behalf of Australian Marriage Equality

Angie accepting Sia's Aria award for best female artist on behalf of Australian Marriage Equality

What is your best advice for handling criticism?

I can only be in control of what I am in control of.  There will always be criticism but as long as I can look at myself and know that I am doing the very best that I can, that I am standing up for what I believe in and I am being authentic and genuine about it, I think that is all that matters.

Another piece of advice that I got when I started Stand Up Events was ‘You can’t win everyone’.

Whats next for Stand Up Events?

We have partnered with Monash University to create world-first research and to create customised preventative programs to implement into Junior Sporting Codes - in the hope of eradicating homophobic language and behaviour, so everyone feels safe and included in sport. 

If a young girl or boy walked up to you asking for your advice on life, what would it be?

Always, always, always back yourself. 

Always surround yourself with people that you love, trust and who bring out the best in you.

For us, lipstick is something which gives us that extra boost of confidence, what gives you confidence to take on each and every day?

My family, my boyfriend and my friends.  I have a group of people in my life that I would do anything for, and they would do anything for me. Knowing that I have their unconditional love and support means the world to me.



To find out more about Angie and Stand Up Events click here

Goddess Spotlight with Michelle Greene from JAGGAD


Hey Michelle, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for our Goddess spotlight!

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.

I’m a mum of two, Beau 9 and Leila 7. I’ve been married to my childhood sweetheart Steve for ten years and together with our close friends we founded JAGGAD, a fashion forward sports performance brand. I studied a Bachelor of Commerce at The University of Melbourne, and I am currently the Creative Director at JAGGAD. I’ve always loved fashion and strive to live an active healthy and balanced lifestyle so it is really a dream job for me. I love hanging out with my family, travelling, good food, and being active.

Michelle with her two kids Leila & beau and her husband Steven.

Michelle with her two kids Leila & beau and her husband Steven.

Favourite movie?

Notting Hill

Red wine or white?


Morning person or night person?

Definitely a night person. My me time is mostly after the kids are in bed. Catching up on the day with my husband, a little bit of work and some reality tv.

If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

I have a long list, but right now Dubai, Japan or Mexico.

Where and how do you work best?

It’s quite varied but generally in the office which is above our Brighton store, otherwise I’m out doing research, at photoshoots, or working from home.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?

Believe in yourself

Favourite quote?

I’m not a big quotes girl but this is quite a simple one “Stay Humble – Work Hard – Be Kind”

Michelle at the launch of the JAGGAD shop in Brighton, Victoria.

Michelle at the launch of the JAGGAD shop in Brighton, Victoria.

Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most? Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing now?

There are a lot of people in the fashion industry that I am inspired by however my dad is my biggest inspiration by far.  I admire what he achieved in his business life in the retail industry and he gives me confidence every day.

 What has been your biggest challenge so far?

My biggest challenge has been learning how to find balance between being a mum, performing my role to the best of my ability, dealing with the stresses of owning a business and finding some time to myself. The juggle can be difficult at times but I go with the flow and always make sure I schedule some time out to myself at the end of each week.  

What’s your best advice for handling criticism?

Don’t take it personally, know who you are and what you stand for and be confident in that. Tomorrow is a new day.

What’s next for you and JAGGAD?

We have some fun collaborations and events coming up, watch this space…

Michelle with JAGGAD co-owners Chris Judd & Steven Greene.

Michelle with JAGGAD co-owners Chris Judd & Steven Greene.

If a young girl or boy walked up to you asking for your advice on life, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and see the positive in any situation.

For us, lipstick is something which gives us that extra boost of confidence, what gives you confidence to take on each and every day?

Being around great people - My family, friends and colleagues are my biggest support network and give me the confidence to tackle anything.

We know you are a big fan of Lou Lou Lips and we are so grateful for that! Which colour is your favourite from the Goddess range?

My favourite LLL shade is Dea Dia.

Find out more about Michelle and JAGGAD by visiting their websites and instagram pages below





Makeup by Goddess makeup artist Shannon Hope. Model wears Lou Lou Lips Dea Dia 

Makeup by Goddess makeup artist Shannon Hope. Model wears Lou Lou Lips Dea Dia 

This week we're taking you into the world of our Goddesses and why it was that we based our first range around these ancient Goddesses and what they mean to us.

Lou Lou Lips wants to give women confidence to be themselves. Lou Lou Lips lipsticks add to your beauty, we don’t want to change you. We want to help all women find their confidence inside and out.

That’s why we’ve named our lipsticks after the early Roman and Greek deities. The spirits of these Goddesses were closely linked to the physical and spiritual needs of people. The Goddesses acted as an idea that people could believe in to give them strength and hope. This is what Lou Lou Lips wants to be for women through lipstick, a symbol of strength, hope, and confidence, helping them get through every day.

Aurora, the Goddess of dawn in Roman mythology, renews herself every morning and flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun. Her energy represents renewal and the new hope that comes with each day.

aurora resize.jpg

Dea Dia was the ancient Roman Goddess of growth. Every May, Dea Dia’s priests held a three-day festival in her honor. Dea Dia gives women the strength to continue to grow, learn and explore themselves and the world around them.

160216 LLL Dea Dia 0016.jpg

Flora was the ancient Roman goddess of flowers and of the season of spring. She was a symbol for nature and flowers and was also representative as a goddess of youth. We are continuing to grow every day at Lou Lou Lips and Flora believes it’s never too late to grow into yourself.

160216 LLL Flora 0080.jpg

In ancient roman mythology Luna is the divine embodiment of the Moon. The moon was associated with the divine feminine and was important in ancient calendars helping people to measure time. The moon and the stars were also important in navigation. Luna represents the strength to continue navigating your own path in life.

Luna 0161.jpg

Nemesis was the Greek Goddess of Revenge & Divine Retribution. Nemesis was described as a remorseless Goddess, intent on her task which was “to give what is due”. We like to use Nemesis when we need strength to go out and get what we deserve. We hope she gives you your strength when you most need it.

160216 LLL Nemesis 0062 resized .jpg

Venus is the Roman goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and desire. Venus is one of the most widely referenced deities of Greco-Roman mythology as the embodiment of love and sexuality. Venus encourages love to all, beginning with yourself.

160216 LLL Venus 0137_update.jpg

Victoria was the ancient Roman personified Goddess of victory. She was a major part of Roman society. Multiple temples were erected in her honor. Victoria was a symbol of victory over death and determined who would be successful during war. Victoria encourages women to aim for success.

160216 LLL Victoria 0033.jpg

All of our lipsticks have a special meaning to us and we hope they will for you too, whether it’s the strength given to you from Victoria to face the day each morning, or the sexy confidence boost from Venus when you’re heading out for drinks, wear them whenever you need a little bit extra to get through the day.

Tory, our marketing goddess told me she's recently learnt that mascara expires which basically means that she's been using out of date mascara more often than not!

She thought that "for some reason mascara is something that would last forever, never expire or go off. Lipstick on the other hand is something that always seemd like it would have an expiration date. Perhaps because of the possibility of ingestion... whatever the reason It always as though it must have an expiration date attached to it. but my recent mascara discovery made me realise that perhaps others didn’t know this about mascara or lipstick."

So we’ve answered this question as well as a few others like: what to look for when purchasing lipstick, application tricks from lll founder lou, and colour choice. And if there’s anything we’ve missed or any burning questions you have let us know! Get in touch with us here and we'll get back to you directly.

Does lipstick expire?

Most lipsticks have a shelf life of about 3 years after opening so if you have some old lipsticks in your makeup bag (that could even be vintage lipsticks your mum owned in the 60’s) it might be time to give them the flick.

Should you pick colours based on your skin tone?

This may be a contentious answer as many people believe that you should select lipstick, eyeshadow, and clothes around your skin tone. we disagree. Other than your foundation (idealy this should match your skin tone), we say wear what you like! Confidence is the only colour you need to pull off any outfit, and if you’re happy wearing it you’ll look good no matter what colour it is. If you love a lipstick colour, and more importantly love wearing it, and love the way it makes you feel, go for it!

What is the most important quality in a lipstick?

Should it be long lasting? should it be moisturizing? Should i be looking for a particular ingredient? We all want quality ingredients in everything we buy, especially when that product is going on our skin or lips. Which is why lou lou lips has been tried and tested, is made with quality ingredients... and a bit of TLC.

Generally speaking, a high quality lipstick should be somewhere between rigid and oily, and stiff but not crumbly. But mostly it comes down to finding a brand and product that you trust and like, if you don’t like it you won’t wear it.

Lou lou lips uses limnanthes alba seed oil and jojoba oil, both highly moisturising ingredients. jojoba oil is unique in that, unlike most other vegetable oils, it closely resembles sebum, a waxy substance produced by our skin glands, so it can act as a natural skin conditioner. Limnanthes alba has excellent moisturising properties which are very good for dry sensitive skin. this oil adheres easily to the skin and does not easily disintegrate, meaning that moisturizing benefits last for hours after application.

You can read more about the ingredients we use and how lou lou lips came to be here.

What’s the deal with lip liner?

If you’re buying a good quality lipstick than you shouldn’t need a lip liner for everyday use. You might want to invest in one for those time you want to look super fancy and polished but these days most quality products don’t bleed like they used to.

Is there a trick to applying lipstick?

When applying lipstick there is no exact rule, however if you feel that every time you try to apply lipstick it doesn’t turn out the way you want I would recommend starting from the cupids bow (that's the top centre of your lips) and trace around the lips using the point of your lipstick (think of the point of the lipstick as being there to guide you) and always remember to connect the outer edges of the top and bottom lip to ensure the lips look finished.

The most important thing to remember is to pick a lipstick that is good quality. Pick colours you want to wear and that feel good on! We love using lipstick everyday, dea dia is a personal favourite, and also to glam up any outfit – luna or aurora especially if you’re really looking for a bold statement.

Love Lou Lou and Tory xx


As the weather continues to cool down (and with actual snow falling in the Victorian alps!), we thought we’d go through what’s making makeup news for Autumn. We all know the classic Autumn makeup looks (don’t worry we've got a quick refresher for those who are still coming to grip with seasonal makeup) but then there are all the new trends gracing the catwalks around the world... Get your notepads ready.

As Autumn fashion dictates, all the usual colours were seen – browns, oranges, and burgundies – the general range of colours that come to mind when you think of fallen Autumn leaves or any American Rom-Com set in Autumn. Think ‘When Harry Met Sally’, right in the middle, when they’re walking through the park. Divine.

This year we saw either a natural eye with a Bold lip or a bold eye with a nude lip. If it's the bold lip your going for, either keep the lashes completely bare or focus on loading them up with several coats of mascara achieving that twiggy-esque lash look.

Classic looks of smudgy smouldering browns, grey/blacks, moody maroons and deep oranges on the eyes is looking very popular. To achieve this look try not to be too particular on the placement of the eyeshadow and eyeliner. As its a smudgy look, pull back on your blending, we're wanting the overall finish to be messy-chic, clean it up too much and you're going in the wrong direction. Practice the art of intended imperfection. Finish with a gold highlight on the inner corners of the eyes.

Natural brushed up brows are still on trend and we love it! Fill them in with a brow pencil slightly, enough to define but not too much that it's noticeable. finish with a strong clear brow gel.

More often than not a dark matte or glossy lip was seen on the runways to add to the drama. If you're not a fan of the matte lip as it can be too drying for some, a hint to achieve the matte look without going full matte is to blot your lips with a tissue after applying a pigmented glossy lipstick such as one from our Goddess range, it'll give you the matte look you're going for but your lips will still be getting the hydration they need. The colour will last longer too!

Now we can’t be dramatic and moody all the time, so if you’re less about the deep dark drama and more about a bright fun finish, reds are still allowed and can be a great way to brighten up an Autumn lip. Any shade of red – deep velvety berry-red, a pop of bright pink-red or an orange-red hue, as long as it’s red you’re on the right track.

While a classic look never goes out of style, things seem to be changing. The fashion industry are doing their darnedest to celebrate all styles, cultures, sexualities and religions, and while they have a long way to go, they are definitely moving toward a more all-encompassing sense of expression in both makeup and fashion. Women of all sizes were seen on the runway: plus size models, women over the age of 70, the first Muslim model wearing a hijab. And Missoni had models wearing pink pussy hats which have become a symbol of feminism since they were first seen at the Women’s March on Washington D.C.. We believe in nothing more than self-expression, individuality, and using lipstick, makeup, and fashion to express yourself... But more on this in another blog post. Back to makeup!


If you’re one for mixing styles, turning up the drama or throwing out the rules entirely, then you’ll be enjoying the more modern trends.  A modern Autumn look uses similar colours as well as plenty of mixing old with new, and a strong movement toward the two-tone. Two-tone eyes and a nude lip to be exact. We’re still seeing a smudgy eye but it’s more on the side of smoky, with a mix of classic Autumn colours and a smoky dark cat eye. Brighter colours are great to mix with the classic Autumn colours creating contrast and warmth to the face.

& And to finish, there’s always room for some sparkle, and sparkle is coming back in a big way in the makeup world! This season we're seeing more golds as apposed to silver - golds work particularly well with classic Autumn colours.

So this Autumn go for a classic smudgy, natural or the two-tone eye trend, all are gorgeous. And if you really need a rule to stick to (although we generally go for the do-what-ever-feels-right rule), then it's this: if you have a bold lip go for a more subtle eye, and bold eye means a more nude lip. Or bold on bold, we enjoy it all!

Love Lou Lou & Tory xox


Our marketing Goddess Tory has shared her top picks from this years Met Gala. From the classically beautiful tot he weirdly wonderful you can read about her views below...

Love Lou Lou xox

It’s everyone’s favourite fashion event, The Met Gala, where there’s no place for conservatism and the more feathers the better. This year’s event celebrated Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons, and as always it’s given us the exquisite and the confusing, but always interesting. We saw unexpected silhouettes, trains for days, colour galore, and the most outrageous of hair styles. It hasn’t been an easy task but we’ve narrowed down our top picks from this year’s Met Gala – enjoy.

Liu Wen, Chinese Supermodel, wearing Comme des Garcons.

Liu Wen, Chinese Supermodel, wearing Comme des Garcons.

Who knew we’d be seeing denim back on the red carpet outside of the 90s? Surprisingly it is back, and even more surprisingly we don’t hate it. Wearing the designer of the night, Comme des Garcons, Liu Wen looks gorgeous and somehow manages to make denim look elegant. With sleek, pulled back hair, she’s got clean, natural makeup and a bright, bold, red lip. Combine this with a simple eyeliner and mascara, the dress and lip colour are the clear focal point of this look and we think it’s perfect.

Model Aymeline Valade wearing Marni.

Model Aymeline Valade wearing Marni.

We love a good power suit and this could possibly be our favourite ever. French model and actress, Aymeline Valade, looks stunning in this Marni blue suit with chain detailing. The colour is incredible and the pop of shine from the chains add an exciting element. Juxtaposed with a bright red lip, the glorious blue stands out even more and complements her gorgeous blue eyes.

Rhianna looking every bit Avant Garde in the designer of the night, Comme des Garcon.

Rhianna looking every bit Avant Garde in the designer of the night, Comme des Garcon.

Ri Ri can do know wrong. No matter how outrageous the outfit, Rhianna never looks out of place. Mixing architectural structure with soft floral patterns and echoing the colours in her outfit with strong pink eyeshadow and a deep red lip. Her eyeshadow picks up the pink tones in the dress and the plumb red lip picks up the plumb in the dress. And apparently her shoes took an hour to get into!

Cara Delevingne in a Chanel pantsuit.

Cara Delevingne in a Chanel pantsuit.

How could we not love Cara Delevingne with a painted silver head? It’s our second favourite power suit of the night, this time with a straight leg, bold belt and plunging neckline, it’s the sexist futuristic look we’ve seen in a long time. On top of a sexy sparkling suit, Cara has painted her shaved head silver and embossed it with diamonds (surely they’re real?!). This look could have ended up being Tin Man/robot, but in true Cara style she’s more alluring than aluminium.

Janelle Monae in a custom black and white Ralph & Russo feathered creation.

Janelle Monae in a custom black and white Ralph & Russo feathered creation.

If I could I’d have an entire list of my favourite full bodied skirts from the Met Gala (and every other event) I would, but I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that not everyone loves big skirt as much as I do. So I’ve carefully selected one that I couldn’t go past. Janelle Monae looks stunning white ruffled skirt with black feathers leading up her neck to frame her face and create the ultimate sense of drama. Her hair is a sleek throwback to the thirties with a bold rep lip continuing the drama.

Lily Rose Depp wearing bright pink Chanel.

Lily Rose Depp wearing bright pink Chanel.

If it’s not a full bodied skirt than my next favourite look has to be anything channelling the 80s. This rich shade of pink instantly takes me back to the florescent colours of the 80s but with some added femininity in the camellias and climbing vine. Paired with simple haitr, a dark eyem and a soft pink lip. she’s found the perfect balance between girly femininity and pink power.

Zendya wearing Dolce & Gabbana.

Zendya wearing Dolce & Gabbana.

Last, but by no means least, (and my personal favourite) is Zendaya in a parrot print Dolce & Gabbana dress. Zendaya is a guide to how someone can change their look solely through hair and makeup. She’s ever changing but always gorgeous. The go to hair style for an extravagant ball gown is generally a more subtle up-do, but as always Zendaya has mixed it up and rocked a bold big do. Her lipstick choice echoes the gorgeous tones of orange in the dress and is paired with a more natural eye. She’s taken a classic silhouette in as bold print and paired it with extravagant hair resulting in a subtle but Avant Garde look. And my favourite look of the night. 

lou lou lips photo shoot

on thursday last week we worked with goddess women tess leopold @tessleopold_ and dani shreeve @danishreeve shooting our beautiful goddess range. it was a fantastic day working with these two women in their element. check out the video below for a sneak peek.