Autumn Makeup Trends

As the weather continues to cool down (and with actual snow falling in the Victorian alps!), we thought we’d go through what’s making makeup news for Autumn. We all know the classic Autumn makeup looks (don’t worry we've got a quick refresher for those who are still coming to grip with seasonal makeup) but then there are all the new trends gracing the catwalks around the world... Get your notepads ready.

As Autumn fashion dictates, all the usual colours were seen – browns, oranges, and burgundies – the general range of colours that come to mind when you think of fallen Autumn leaves or any American Rom-Com set in Autumn. Think ‘When Harry Met Sally’, right in the middle, when they’re walking through the park. Divine.

This year we saw either a natural eye with a Bold lip or a bold eye with a nude lip. If it's the bold lip your going for, either keep the lashes completely bare or focus on loading them up with several coats of mascara achieving that twiggy-esque lash look.

Classic looks of smudgy smouldering browns, grey/blacks, moody maroons and deep oranges on the eyes is looking very popular. To achieve this look try not to be too particular on the placement of the eyeshadow and eyeliner. As its a smudgy look, pull back on your blending, we're wanting the overall finish to be messy-chic, clean it up too much and you're going in the wrong direction. Practice the art of intended imperfection. Finish with a gold highlight on the inner corners of the eyes.

Natural brushed up brows are still on trend and we love it! Fill them in with a brow pencil slightly, enough to define but not too much that it's noticeable. finish with a strong clear brow gel.

More often than not a dark matte or glossy lip was seen on the runways to add to the drama. If you're not a fan of the matte lip as it can be too drying for some, a hint to achieve the matte look without going full matte is to blot your lips with a tissue after applying a pigmented glossy lipstick such as one from our Goddess range, it'll give you the matte look you're going for but your lips will still be getting the hydration they need. The colour will last longer too!

Now we can’t be dramatic and moody all the time, so if you’re less about the deep dark drama and more about a bright fun finish, reds are still allowed and can be a great way to brighten up an Autumn lip. Any shade of red – deep velvety berry-red, a pop of bright pink-red or an orange-red hue, as long as it’s red you’re on the right track.

While a classic look never goes out of style, things seem to be changing. The fashion industry are doing their darnedest to celebrate all styles, cultures, sexualities and religions, and while they have a long way to go, they are definitely moving toward a more all-encompassing sense of expression in both makeup and fashion. Women of all sizes were seen on the runway: plus size models, women over the age of 70, the first Muslim model wearing a hijab. And Missoni had models wearing pink pussy hats which have become a symbol of feminism since they were first seen at the Women’s March on Washington D.C.. We believe in nothing more than self-expression, individuality, and using lipstick, makeup, and fashion to express yourself... But more on this in another blog post. Back to makeup!


If you’re one for mixing styles, turning up the drama or throwing out the rules entirely, then you’ll be enjoying the more modern trends.  A modern Autumn look uses similar colours as well as plenty of mixing old with new, and a strong movement toward the two-tone. Two-tone eyes and a nude lip to be exact. We’re still seeing a smudgy eye but it’s more on the side of smoky, with a mix of classic Autumn colours and a smoky dark cat eye. Brighter colours are great to mix with the classic Autumn colours creating contrast and warmth to the face.

& And to finish, there’s always room for some sparkle, and sparkle is coming back in a big way in the makeup world! This season we're seeing more golds as apposed to silver - golds work particularly well with classic Autumn colours.

So this Autumn go for a classic smudgy, natural or the two-tone eye trend, all are gorgeous. And if you really need a rule to stick to (although we generally go for the do-what-ever-feels-right rule), then it's this: if you have a bold lip go for a more subtle eye, and bold eye means a more nude lip. Or bold on bold, we enjoy it all!

Love Lou Lou & Tory xox

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