The great and the grand – a few of our favourite Goddess’s from 2017

We’ve already had a big year at Lou Lou Lips with the launch of ALIAS, but 2017 was a big year for women making a particularly powerful mark on some engrained norms. We rocked the pussy hat, we showed no women is alone with #MeToo and saw a woman become the youngest person to ever win a Nobel Peace Prize. It sometimes seems like there’s nothing we can’t do. All this came about because we still have a long way to go to reach true equality, but thanks to some pretty incredible women we’re slowly starting to chip away at the ever present patriarchal society.

So we’re celebrating some of the women that made us want to be strong, powerful and united in 2017.


Deciding to call out one of the most powerful men in Hollywood is no small feat. Rose McGowan was the first women to speak out against Harvey Weinsten and his widespread sexual harassment of young women in the movie industry. Not only was she the first brave women to speak out but she paved the way for others to come forward. We saw numerous women speak out against Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo gave a voice to women everywhere who had been sexually harassed and felt they couldn’t speak out against their perpetrator. It gave a voice to women who felt they didn't have one while showing the world just how rampant sexual harassment towards women in society is. In one of the more positive uses of social media, we finally saw women have a platform to air their experiences and feelings and feel supported.

Every women (and man) who walked


On January 21, millions of women (and men and children) took part in the record-breaking Women’s March. Around the world an estimated four million people marched peacefully adorned with the symbolic pink pussy hats sending a clear message of solidarity and strength around the world. This largely came about in response to the election of no one’s favourite president, showing the power we can have when we come together.

Wonder Woman


In a world where women have to fight for every role, watching a female led action movie smash box office records was eye opening. Wonder Women is the highest-grossing superhero origin film EVER. It had the biggest opening weekend for a female director and is the highest grossing live action film directed by a women, Patty Jenkin. And while this might not seem like an incredibly significant milestone, it challenges the preconceptions that female lead movies can’t be block busters. It also give girls an aspiring superhero that isn’t male.

From ballerina to advocate

Gillian triggs.jpg

Gillian Triggs, once a ballerina, Law Dean and international lawyer, is now the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission. She's some what of a moral and legal compass when it come to Australia's role in international human rights and aims to keep Australia on track when it comes to following international law. She’s lead a national inquiry that provided evidence of the experiences of children and families held in Australia’s immigration detention centres and then recommended their release. She fights for those who don't always have the rights they should in our country, whether they were born here or not. Everyone deserves to be treated respectfully and equally.

Everybody deserves equality.


Ok, so maybe this wasn’t technically in 2017, but she’s a great Goddess to end on and the perfect start to 2018. Oprah is the first African American women to be awarded the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement at the Golden Globes. She used her speech to highlight past inequalities faced by women, mark some of the milestones we’ve reached, and guide us toward what a better future might look like as we continue the fight for equality. It’s so important to have women celebrated and represented in all areas, from all races and backgrounds so that girls have role models of every kind to look up to. Oprah inspires us to empower women and be the best version of ourselves.

And she left us with some empowering words...

what I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we have.

We know this to be true, just look at how #MeToo took the world by storm. One women telling her truth empowered women all over the world to tell their truths, and from there we heard more stories and conversations and discussions opened up between everyone.

There are many other women in the public eye as well as those we see in our every day lives who are fighting for equality. Whether you’re speaking out when you hear or see an injustice or are simply having a different sort of conversation with your friends, we all have a part to play. So question the preconceptions and prejudices of the society we live in, offer another point of view and always act as an ally for Goddess’s everywhere.


Written by Tory Gregory - Lou Lou Lips Marketing Goddess.

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