A moody rendition of the classic nude, Franklin is the perfect lipstick for those seeking more depth and character from their colour. Deeply nourishing in texture and matte in finish, Franklin will take you from the boardroom to the bar.  

Sarah Edmonds – Soldier and Nurse during the Civil War

Alias: Franklin Flint Thompson

Sarah Edmonds served the Union Army during the American Civil War, under the guise of her male alias – whom her mother helped her adopt - Franklin Flint Thompson.

Crossing the border from Canada to America as a man, it was as Franklin that she enlisted, and began work as a male field nurse. Eventual work as a spy continued the theme of disguise for Franklin, whose army career came to an end when contracting malaria. Out of fear of being discovered during treatment, Sarah checked herself into a private hospital, and once recovered, worked as a female nurse caring for wounded soldiers.

While her secret would eventually be revealed, it did little to tarnish her reputation. On the contrary, her fearless serving attracted appraisal from her fellow soldiers.

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